Our vision is that every Philadelphia family has the opportunity to send their children to a great school of their choice.

Our mission is to improve outcomes for low-income students and respond to the demand of families by expanding access to great schools.

Guiding Principles

These principles guide our work:

  • Student Focus: A relentless commitment to success for all students – regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or zip code – drives our work.
  • School Leaders and Teachers: Great educators, empowered to make key decisions in their classrooms and schools, are critical to student success.
  • Collaboration: Strategic collaboration among educators and other stakeholders from all sectors (district, charter and private) is in the best interest of the city’s children.
  • Parent and Community Voice: Families and communities have a voice and must help lead educational change.
  • Urgency: Dramatic educational improvement is difficult but essential work that requires catalytic change and persistence.
  • Accountability: In an environment of finite resources, it is critical to grow great schools and intervene in struggling schools—regardless of type.
School Investments

Since 2011, we’ve invested nearly $60 million to give 25,000 more students access to high-quality schools.


Our goal is to raise $140 million by 2022 to invest in great schools of all types. To date, we’ve raised more than $80 million.

By the Numbers

We invest in schools of all types. Our committed funds are currently invested in charter (65%), district (25%) and private (10%) schools.


Our goal is to ensure 50,000 more students each year are on the path to college by 2022.