The role of school closings

As you may be following in the news, last week Superintendent Hite proposed a bold facilities plan for the School District aimed at stabilizing tenuous finances while increasing student achievement. The school closings involved in this plan will be painful for many communities and families, but they are necessary to improve the quality of education for all students. By closing under-enrolled and chronically low-performing schools, resources can be redirected into the classrooms to support quality teaching and learning.

As Mayor Nutter and Mark Gleason explained in Friday’s Daily News, these needed changes are a result of parents choosing to leave failing public schools for higher-quality options. For far too long, previous leaders failed to respond to the demands of families. We applaud Dr. Hite for his courage and leadership in ensuring that all our schools meet the needs of students and parents.

It will be critical for our entire community of educators, civic and philanthropic leaders, and families to work together during this time of transition. At PSP, we are working to find ways to help schools that will receive new students be prepared for the challenges those transitions will pose. Our goal continues to be ensuring that thousands more students are in better schools next year — and beyond — than they are today.

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