Our statement in support of the Governor’s SRC nominations

The Governor’s nominees reflect a strong commitment to meaningful, bipartisan reform of public education in Philadelphia.

Bill Green is an outstanding choice to chair the Commission. He has a proven record of achievement on Philadelphia City Council, where he has championed the cause of public education as one of the fundamental drivers of the city’s economic development and prosperity. In five years on Council, Green also has been a thoughtful observer and analyst of School District fiscal matters. Farah Jimenez has successfully advocated for a wide range of community and civic issues over her distinguished career, most recently as the president and CEO of People’s Emergency Center and as a member of the Commonwealth’s Homeless Children’s Education Task Force. It is clear that she sees education reform as a collective responsibility and a critical component of community revitalization.

In selecting such an impressive pair, the Governor has affirmed his commitment to the importance of improving outcomes for Philadelphia’s schoolchildren. We congratulate the nominees, applaud their willingness to serve, and pledge to work with them in this vital effort.

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