Our reaction to last night’s charter votes

Last night, the SRC voted to approve five of the 39 charter school applications, each with a track record of providing excellent educational opportunities to disadvantaged students. We’re thrilled for the 2,600 families who will get to attend a great new school, but we are deeply disappointed that thousands of students will not get the same opportunity because nearly a dozen schools with similar records were rejected.
Over the next four years, the new schools were given permission to enroll about 2,600 students though they collectively applied to serve more than 12,000. Most importantly, these new seats represent only a fraction of the thousands of students — most of them poor and minority, and many of them with special needs – who remain stranded in persistently ineffective schools. This was a missed opportunity for thousands of families who urgently need better schools.
Our mission at PSP is to create, expand and transform schools so that every student in Philadelphia gets the chance to receive a great education. Now more than ever, we remain committed to working with schools of all types to achieve that goal. Read our full statement here.
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