PSP is raising $150 million in philanthropy to invest in the creation and expansion of high-quality schools through our Great Schools Fund. Learn more about the Fund here and contact us to get involved in our effort to create 35,000 new seats for students in great schools. Read more about our investment process and apply for funding here.

We are also investing in initiatives that create the conditions for great schools to thrive, including talent development, efficiencies, and parent engagement. Please contact us to get involved in these efforts.

Do you have questions about our work or are you interested in learning more? Please send us an email here; we would love to hear from you.

School Investments

Since 2011, we’ve invested nearly $60 million to give 23,000 more students access to high-quality schools.


Our goal is to raise $150 million by 2022 to invest in great schools of all types. To date, we’ve raised more than $75 million.

By the Numbers

We invest in schools of all types. Our committed funds are currently invested in charter (65%), district (25%) and private (10%) schools.


Our goal is to ensure 50,000 more students each year are on the path to college by 2022.