Great news

This morning, the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that local businesses, foundations, and individuals have committed over $51.9 million to the Philadelphia School Partnership’s (PSP) Great Schools Fund.  This is tremendous news for families and children in our city!  We have already begun investing this money to create nearly 18,000 new, high-quality seats for underserved children in neighborhoods throughout the city.

More important than the amount of money raised is that philanthropists across the region from all ideological and political backgrounds are uniting behind a common vision  — high quality schools for every child in Philadelphia.

As Mayor Nutter said during yesterday’s press conference, focusing on politics or types of schools are “esoteric debates that ultimately don’t mean anything to young people.”  Rather, we know great schools exist and we must work together to create more of them.

PSP is incredibly grateful to the nearly two dozen individuals, foundations, and corporate leaders who have partnered to invest in this work.  We look forward to many more joining them in the coming weeks and months so that we can ensure every child in every neighborhood in Philadelphia has access to a great school.

Feel free to share this great news with friends and colleagues and read the full release here.

Recent News

PSP has invested in 64 schools of all types (public district, public charter, and private) across Philadelphia


Since 2011, PSP has invested over $65 million in schools of all types to improve educational outcomes of children in Philadelphia


Annually, over 100,000 people learn about and apply to great schools through the free resources provided by GreatPhillySchools


As a result of PSP’s investments, more than 26,000 students are enrolled in better schools