Philadelphia should be a city where every child receives a great education.
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Since 2011 PSP has supported more than 50 K-12 schools of all types—public district, public charter and private—so that more families can enroll in great schools.

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To ensure that great schools can thrive, we are addressing some of the most pressing needs among schools of all types. We're doing this by:

-Investing in programs and partners that recruit, train and retain great teachers and school leaders
-Empowering families with information and access
-Removing policy barriers that block innovation and excellence

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Growing Great Schools and Creating More
With our Great Schools Fund, we’ve invested in more than 50 schools, helping them to serve nearly 23,000 more students.
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  • “PSP has made a positive difference in many of our District schools. Their investments in project-based learning at the newly-opened Vaux Big Picture High School and at Science Leadership Academy at Beeber, among others, has been an important part of our progress.”

  • “I cannot even begin to explain the amazing impact that this program has had on me as an educator. My ideas of teaching practices and leadership abilities have grown in so many ways.”

  • “Too often public rhetoric pits charters and public schools against each other, when really all we care about is better opportunities for our kids. We are grateful to partners like PSP for their continued and unwavering commitment to the children and families of Philadelphia.”

  • “Some of the most important characteristics we saw in other Scholar Academies schools were a commitment to adequate staffing, safety and a strong sense of community.”

  • “My whole viewpoint of school and of life has been changed because of Mastery.”

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School Investments

Since 2011, we’ve invested nearly $60 million to give 25,000 more students access to high-quality schools.


Our goal is to raise $140 million by 2022 to invest in great schools of all types. To date, we’ve raised more than $80 million.

By the Numbers

We invest in schools of all types. Our committed funds are currently invested in charter (65%), district (25%) and private (10%) schools.


Our goal is to ensure 50,000 more students each year are on the path to college by 2022.