We're investing $100 million
to create and expand
great schools in Philadelphia.
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Our Great Schools Fund invests in high-performing K-12 schools of any type — district, charter, and private — with the capacity to deliver outstanding educational outcomes for economically disadvantaged children in the city. We invest in school leaders and leadership teams with the proven ability and capacity to serve more students in order to give 35,000 more students access to high-quality education.

How We Expand Great Schools

To ensure that great schools can thrive, we are addressing some of the most pressing needs among schools of all types – most important, we are working to expand the city’s pipeline of school talent. We are also working to empower families with information about school options so parents can find, choose and demand great schools.

How We're Creating the Conditions
  • “Some of the most important characteristics we saw in other Scholar Academies schools were a commitment to adequate staffing, safety and a strong sense of community.”

  • “The overarching focus is to ensure we are matching to the best of our ability the skills and abilities of teachers to the needs of their schools and communities”

  • “Any healthy school system must be dynamic in its approach, which means taking action to address low-performing schools while also leveraging and expanding those that are successful.”

  • “My whole viewpoint of school and of life has been changed because of Mastery”

Recent News
School Investments

Since 2011, we’ve invested more than $50 million to give 20,000 more students access to high-quality schools.


Our goal is to raise $100 million by 2016 to invest in great schools of all types. To date, we’ve raised just over $65 million.

By the Numbers

We invest in schools of all types. Our committed funds are currently invested in charter (60%), district (30%) and private (10%) schools.


Our goal is to ensure 35,000 more students each year are on the path to college by 2017.